Sais pas comment m'y prendre, sais pas Don't know how to tackle it, don't know

Faut peut être pas m'écouter You probably shouldn't listen to me, shouldn't listen to yourself
je voudrais vous toucher – toucher vers vous, vous I would like to touch you, to touch in your direction, yours

je voudrais I would like
tu voudrais you would like

me toucher, touchez moi
TOUCHEZ MOI to touch me, touch me, TOUCH ME

Vers toi, de loin In your direction,
from a distance ne me touchez pas don't touch me
ne vous approchez pas, ne frôle pas mes limites, don't come close, don't feather my limits,

chaque parole m'éloigne de toi every word from you estranges me more

je te touche, tu me touches, au-delà de l'espace on se touche, pourtant mes doigts ne sentent rien I touch you, you touch me, we touch beyond space and still my fingers don't feel a thing
... non touché, je te sens, toi, toi qui es loin, toi qui es partout, qui t'étales derrière et même devant ...not-touched, I feel you, you, you far away, everywhere,
you who spreads behind and even in front
toi dans moi, je te touche you in me I touch

lentement, avec attention, sinon je te perds slowly, with attention, if not I will lose you

restez, touchez, ne partez pas stay, touch, don't leave

quand je te touche, tu me touches when I touch you, you touch me
il, elle me touche he, she touches me
le monde me touche the world touches me

Barrière Obstacle Obstruction Hindrance

Ce monde qui est trop violent, trop vulgaire This world that is too violent, too vulgar

Ma peau est déjà le dehors My skin is already outside

est déjà … is already...

ma chair, ma chère, mon cher my flesh, my dear, my dearest

Ne me touchez pas DON'T touch me

pas pas pas don't don't don't pas PAS don't

touche touch

je te touche I touch you
I hardly dare
je n'ose presque pas

je te touche ! I touch you!

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28/11 18h30 besides,smaller than a single pixel Online performance On Object Agency with Martina Ruhsam for pixxelpoint 2015. Follow-up of Turbulence commission 2015. Project with Helen Varley Jamieson. 2 Months residency in Villa Waldberta Nov. Dec. 2015, Three work-in-progress presentations. - Ich bin ein Feldafinger.  From estranger to e-stranger? book published oct 2014.

ReadingClub online performance series : proposes a text and an interpretive arena to 4 readers. These readers write together their reading of a text inside the text itself. The audience sees an evolving, cinematographic picture of thoughts and collaborative writing in the making. FR

Mission FCTA (Faire Confiance à la Technique des Autres) Performance CNES (Centre National des Etudes Spatiales) Paris. Pendant 30 minutes je me suis abandonnée aux manipulations des personnes qui avaient acceptées de me porter, de me mettre en apesanteur. 23 mars 2013.

Trapped to Reveal – On webcam mediated communication and collaboration published in the Journal for Artistic Research, an online, peer-reviewed journal for the publication and discussion of artistic research.

Archives ANGRY performances Angry Women - Men - Analyses, reflexions, videos, images.

Huis Clos /No Exit - Beyond (spectacle), networked performances
Exposition on the New Aesthetic, Newer Aesthetic and The internet is not as good as it was yesterday
ELMCIP commission for Remediating the Social, Edinburgh College of Art with Igor Stromajer, Nicolas Frespech, Ruth Catlow and Ursula Endlicher.

Archives Training for a Better World, solo exhibition CRAC LR Sète 28 / 10 2011 -  1 /1 2012. Viideo, photo, articles, interviews etc.

Touch is the space of the gap, not the connection.

Communication is never clean, smooth and transparent.