I confirm

Elisabeth Klimoffannie abrahams
Clément Thomasdavid marsaloneami barak

Not a web piece.

The visitor of an exhibition can view about ten small videos. In each video a different person will confirm in his/her own way that it's really art that is surrounding the visitor.


Eh, Mister, Misses do you think its art what we are seeing around us ?

First presentation during the show "Je vois que vous suivez..." of Maurin & La Spesa, 14 October 2004 till 3 January 2005 in the Centre d'Art Contemporain of Istres, France.
Second presentation with "Oh my God" from Maurin et La Spesa, 5-16 January 2005 in Péniche Bar Le Mascaret, opposite 4, Quai des Etroits, Lyon, France.

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