2 Raspberries

Two projects for my RPi-1 and RPi-4.


The first project that I've started was with the Rpi-1. The Rpi-1 will be the brain of what should become a six legged robot cat (P2). That project is still running. Click the Cat Robot page to find more about it.

Recently, i.e. 2020, I bought a second Raspberry, the RPi-4. That one I needed as a dedicated web server on which programs in C can create content on the fly, something that, for good reasons, I'm not allowed to do on my internet provider's server. Since the Raspberry consumes little energy (about 1 € worth per month) I can leave it running permanently. The RPi-4 performs 3 tasks:
1 It creates automated tunes see the Deun Ex Pagina page.
2 It feeds mp3 sound to my hifi amp using the Music Player Daemon (MPD) server that is controlled by the M.A.L.P. client on my smartphone.
3 Since all my mp3 music files are now on the hard disk connected to the RPi-4, I made a web page that allows me to lsten to my music on my smartphone.
The latter two points are described on the Jukebox page.