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What is Lux-App ?

Lux-App is an intelligent android smartphone application that has revolutionised mind and skin care. Our team of dermospychiatrists, photophysicists and IT engeneers has completely rethaught skin care as we know it by creating Lux-App, a marvel of innovation that employs the latest trends in photomodulation.

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What can Lux-App do for you?

Presently Lux-App can efficiently treat acne and aging skin. It also contains a program to treat mild depression. Our dream team works day and night to be ready soon to include other treatments such as those for a flushed face, squinting and hangover.


How does it work?

Lux-App is easy enough to use. Just select a program from the smartphone menu and hold your phone at a distance of about 10 cm from the region to treat. Then let the beneficial action of photomodulation penetrate your skin and spirit. It is recommended to use the tolerance test first (select 'Tolerance' from the menu) before applying any other program, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Run the tolerance program once and check your skin 24h later for signs of irritation. Use Lux-App at a greater distance if this occurs. Note that the 'Relax' program is not for skin treatment and you may therefore observe your smartphone at any distance when running 'Relax'.

protective goggles

   Protective glasses are not strictly necessary, but are recommended.
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You can only download
Lux-App with a smartphone.

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