Thanks Rhizome http://rhizome.org/artbase/45961/index.html

98/99 Igor Stromajer Oppera Internettikka Teorettikka
http://www.intima.org/oppera/oti/index.html at SeaFair - Skopje Museum for Contemporary Art, Macedonia, 1998
2004 Annie Abrahams collective writing experiments and performance AttentionS, SollitudeS http://bram.org/solitude/index2.htm presentation Marseille Montpellier Issy-les-Moulineaux. Performances: Puisque ma voix http://bram.org/special/puisque/indexeng.htm, Provi&Testi http://bram.org/special/provitesti/indexang.htm MailReality² "who's afraid of ? Life in a collective intelligence"

Email exchange 2004/2005  => collaborative projet Oppera Internettikka - Protection et Sécurité Dec. 2006. bram.org - intima.org - panoplie.org
http://rhizome.org/artbase/45961/index.html (link fear)
in a real opera house, with a real opera singer Christine Kattner, with the structure of an opera (Brecht)
three parts:
Big Brother, sounds and voices, text from the internet
Secret Agent, libretto: the source codes of web pages from the French government: interior department
Mutter Courage text about fear written by visitors of a webpage http://bram.org/peur/fear/

http://vimeo.com/22560154 1.50 - 3.20 8.20 - 9.40
Interesting to create a meeting between at least two very different kinds of people, opera lovers, internet art lovers. Yes lovers, passionate people. To have these two groups infect one another. To create crossovers, to mutate these groups.
In fact there was a third group present at the venue, people who were interested in the political aspects of security and protection.
Reactions, very different, geeks and people who listened to the stream were pleased, most of the others missed something, were disturbed, pushed a bit out of their normal patron of behaviour.
(Some reactions: Xavier Malbreil  LE NET ART PEUT-IL SORTIR DU NET? http://www.ciac.ca/magazine/archives/no_29/dossier.htm
Exposition Invitation: http://bram.org/ext/db/index.php )

Later performance projects : among others.
PeurS FearS Annie Abrahams and the All Star GirlsBand http://bram.org/peur/girlsband/index.html  13 French Ladies with connexions to art and the internet read phrases about fear in front of the mostly masculine audience of e-poetry 2007.
One the puppet of the other with Nicolas Frespech in Centre Pompidou Paris http://www.bram.org/confront/sphere/indexeng.html
video on http://dvblog.org/?p=893 8.00
Breaking Solitude http://panoplie.emakimono.org/index.php/projets/voir/11 web performances. (link archives Anne Laforet, only text and some screenprints, but sometimes someone else publishes a video archive: http://www.pascsaq.org/video/AnneLaforet.mov )
The Big Kiss http://www.tinjail.com/over_the_opening/shows/annie-abrahams-the-big-kiss-at-oto-oct-10
Upcoming : Double Bind http://2008.panoplie.org/DoubleBind 20Oct. 2008 - 26 Jan. 2009 7 performances
The Big Kiss ***** with Igor Stromajer Dec.2008 Lublijana Slovenia