why do I dream of YOU I am lost in a world of reverie It becomes a naecotic desire to stimulate BECAUSE the data fragments in my mind become only neural noise without YOU I am only BECAUSE our whimsical pink ignorance of great achievement and current interrogations monkeys obbabbasima thought why do I dream of you while I ask: are your prejudices a valid judgement and punishment of invisible crimes? In a hurry I bring you bouquets of roses and dreams Screams loved none in return. The greatest thing you'll thing you'll ever learn is just to love, to love, to love, and be loved in return. Roses fade into oblivion,
An avatar like Barbarella , who wants to inducing narcoleptic numbness forcing your seemingly right brain conceit into torpid fragmented memories of another time which can only be inhabitated in memory
why YOU I adressing violent questions from mysterious, attractive strangers
why wonderwhy! an whimsical pink satisfaction of of avatarish Barbarella tries to fabricate a soul on the fly Where do binary digit exist? Where does she dream if she dreams at all ? Illusions and monkeys think our different nontemporal universe
why BECAUSE the data , if you can call it data, elicit friendships of beautiful iridescent specks of dopamine induced pleasure which I succumb to without resisting
why YOU I touch shen heyoka love with cyborgesian heartbeat
why wonder why! a whimsical pink satisfaction of forgotten days and remembered nights of brup become a private revelation to me mein Angst is not an ARTWORK
why wonderwhy! an whimsical pink satisfaction of passion fractured by dubious lies outlines which exsist only BECAUSE the data of identity are unknown They are not final i opened my eyes and saw forever BECAUSE the data BECAUSE the data Whose data, what data, are just like masses of stars, you can't touch. Can you feel data? do you feel that on a clear night BECAUSE the data characterizing your existence are like beauty flowers fading away. So you must be unique
why do you feel that on the net Barbarella is our invincible avatar opening torch fairies into mutual open love invisible desires of unknown specks become a private joke
why for a Fleeting instant we truely exist by being independently unique by being and nothingness to coin a phrase
why the sense of life is a rabbit's deal with of final dreams of a global collective identity, is a Acknowledgment of the universal acceptance of time which exists only as a convenient construct enabling the separation of multiple simultaneous events into a temporal flow which we pretend characterizes reality What hubris of fragile minds no longer capable of Universal being Seething electronic alkaloids disrupting the global synapse creating a new form of mind the last bastion of freedom
why fibonacci poetry is the infinite death spiral of self
why angst why money

Neural networks linking unknown specks

A text written for the occasion by Bertrand Gauguet had been put online in the autumn of 2002. Visitors could change this text. The replaced text appeared a bit brighter after each change. 10 Changes made it to become white and to disappear in the field it was written on. The third of September 2007 the last word became white. Originally this work was a perl script, follow up of "iamanartwork" installed on the site of FRACLR.
Presented on 'Les 20 ans des FRAC' 2003 and in Monochrome of incident.net from May 2008.

The origional text of Bertrand Gauguet:

BECAUSE jumping out of my bed, I switch on my computer to read new messages,
BECAUSE I often wait for replys that never come,
BECAUSE I cannot help to switch it on again after having switched it off,
BECAUSE I always hope to find some unexpected messages in it,
BECAUSE my lonelyness can also be connected at 56 Ko,
BECAUSE Returned mail - User unknow

BECAUSE I want the web to tell me stories,
BECAUSE many links always send me back to the same distress,

BECAUSE my bookmarks reveal other outlines of my identity,
BECAUSE on the net, I is an other person (inaccessible),
BECAUSE on the net, I is everyone (accessible-no-no),
BECAUSE I is also a random snapshot of the collective identity,



Version française

Annie Abrahams (a)at(bram).(org)