peur ?
angst ?

our FearS


I fear I will never get better
the problem is greed
fear frearly feras
i fear intimacy and being vulnerable
I am afraid of being a bad person deep down
I am using this "fear"-related web form to send a message: Acts 16:31, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 1 Peter 1:17-21, Revelation 22:18-19 -- Actes 16:31, 1 Corinthiens 15:1-8, 1 Pierre 1:17-21, Apocalypse 22:18-19
what is fear, why? when ?
i banged ur mom
I am afraid of my shadow
I fear fear
fear is just what I need sometimes
i fear hehe
i fear hehe
Fear is angst
i fear some people take ridiculously TOO LONG thinking about something to say in here. EH!
men are moved by fear. or by sex, but surely one of those (..)
i fear this stupid game is some kind of conspiracy. really
I fear that I'm just alive to die
I fear that I'm really insignificant
fear is for fun
I'm afraid of my spiritual enlightenment. The thought of being able to do anything terrifies me. And now I'm stuck between depression and enlightenment.
Fear is a black hat
Fear is loss.Fear is being taken to places unknown.Fear is the fear of loss.Fear is the loss of control,of status of power,of security.
Fear is both a protector and our captor.
Fear is being taken to places unknown, unseeable, unknowable.This is not about daytrips or exploration. It is about being captives to change beyond our control.It is about loss, where no consent is given.Whether it is real or just a perception.
fear is manufactured by those in power to keep us under subjugation.
I am afraid I will never be able to be alone again
I fear you won't speal english
I am very frightened about the physical and mental violence practised by a group or by someone with the agreement of the group.
I have fear about the injusts laws, about the prepotency of the people that has any kind of power over the life of the others.
I have fear about the injusts laws, about the prepotency of the people that has any kind of power over the life of the others.
I fear to fail
I feared you
not any more
now I can trust
we can work
i don't want to fear your presence, I want to be confident
I guess I should be, you will give me space enough, you are not an ennemy
No existe el miedo
No existe el miedo
I fear fright
Fear is the mind-killer.
I fear loneliness
je affraid to become the peur THE PEUR je disparaitre quand fear prend place
à ma place
I am afraid of myself!!!!!
fear is in our blood!it is alvays with us
Why should I fear anything? Because the media try to make me afraid and so tame me?
I am afraid of rape
Angst essen Seele auf.
i fear myself; i fear the world; i fear my fear will make me void.
I am afraid the world will become panoptical.
"fdsafsda fear"
chicken fear
I am afraid of violent death. That is all I'm afraid off. The problem is, it can happen anywhere, anytime: car crash, airplane crash, sinking boat, being attacked by a gang, being drowned, being burned alive, being smashed in an earthquake... gosh...
more white women in the US fear becoming bag ladies than any other group
fear fear fear your self
I am afraid of getting old
I am afraid one day no one will like me any more
I am afraid of birds. They make the most horrible noise, and you can never predict when they're going to shit on you. I think if ever a bird shat on me I'd puke on the spot.
I fear that I will never be able to rest.
past panic-feature fear
some people use fear as a weapon; the only way to disarm them is to fear nothing.
i am afraid of extreme physical pain; and sometimes i am afraid of speaking when i must speak aloud a difficult truth.
Most of all I fear to be unnoticeable, ordinary, and insignificant. To waste my life without really enjoying it and to leave no impact on Earth.
I'm also scared of looking stupid and being laughed at.
Our deepest fear is not that we inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerfull beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness what most frightens us. (Nelson Mandela, inauguration speech 1994)ingezonden door zjef naaijkens, groet!
Our deepest fear is not that we inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerfull beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness what most frightens us. (Nelson Mandela, inauguration speech 1994)
existential fear
I am afraid my mother might pass away, she is not in good shape.
I fear the fearmongers
I am afraid of what other people might think about me.
I don't feel fear. Angst is lack of money, loneliness, politicians. Lack of money. No siento realmente miedo. Money, multinationals, africa
Millions of Armenian Genocide deniers from Turkey and abroad must come to terms with the new French Law... and the fear of their histories past...
fear is what we dont and do see outside ourselves that are possibilities in the shadow of the self.
fear of death. of dying. of not having/being this being, the only one i know, where these thoughts & words come from.
Fear lies deep in side us.
feeling dust and moisture creeping on my spine, whole nights passed with eyes spanned wide open, no protection, no one to turn to, please take care of me
Fear is inside you. You should confront it; look carefully at it, to get rid of it.
MyYourOur Fear Ear from Ear Year of Fear Unfortunately Late.
The fear of fears that next time I look into the mirror I will see either everything else in the room without me or me without anything else in the rooom. Either way. Not just me but you. That next time you look into the mirror is what you will see.
I am afraid of falling apart.
Use "fear", "fright", "apprehensive", "afraid", "angst", "panic", "miedo", "anxiety", "security", "protection" or "problem"..rules. Josh
I fear I am not good enough to succeed because I'm too apprehensive. I used to be terribly anxious about the fear, but I seem to have got past that stage now.
fear holds you down there is a danger in front of you inside of you you need to listen to your fear than face your fear and wonder if it is inside or outside take a very deep breath and move forward until you die
I am afraid of other people
I fear that we are loosing touch with the ways of the natural world, that we have come too far from what is actually essential for life
fear comes from politics, religion, and dogs.
For me Fear is a waste of life!
FEAR, well, hmmm, that is a heavy question when the US government (The Idiot President and his regime) are using FEAR as a tool to maintain and extend their power and control of the population.
how can we beat fear?
I am afraid of walking alone in the night
Fear is a state of being that makes me me when correctly present.
I should be afraid because it is just me alerting me.
Anyone and anything is good to fear in the right circumstances.
My fear comes from my intellect and my analyticl capabilities,... hopefully.
It is of course, true that FEAR has been used a political tool in the past, but its use by the cynical BUSH Regime has reached new levels of depraved manipulation. But how is it that people allow FEAR to dominate their behavior and cripple their chances of living a creatively active life?
My fear come from the listserves whose members believe in justice with their own hands. Return to savagery?
I fear Jello and most forms of Jello salad
Good question, we are born with some fears, such ast the fear of falling.
fear is a box of chocolates
I am angry at all who use fear to get attention. That's a lot of pepole to be angry with!
what i fear is accepting fear
My anxiety comes from the deliberate deployment of fear.
fear is anger held inside
I fear my father's thoughts
angst, always fearing the worst , never relaxed, an eternal fight to stand up, to go out of my house, not to succomb when I see people
always angst
The cause of all fear is self-grasping ignorance and all the delusions, such as selfishness, attachment, and anger, which arise from that ignorance.
I am afraid of loneliness.
ik ben bang van atoombommen
instoring fear is a way of getting attention
I am afraid of lonelyness
I need a big shoulder to rest on and someone to give me protection
miedo miedo
Fear is very difficult to describe, it's beyond comprehension
What is fear? Why should you be afraid?
What, who is to fear?
Where does your fear come from?
Please, make a phrase with 'fear', 'afraid', 'panic', 'bang' or 'angst'.
i: fear, you: apprehensive, he: afraid, she: panic, we: bang, they: angst!
why talk about fear? this only make things more fearfull.
angst is een slechte raadgever
angst is een slechte raadgever
apprehensive????? never
i am afraid of dogs
don't ever panic, that's bad for you.
bang angst angst
I fear that one day I won't be able to make a difference between reality and virtuality
I don't fear anything

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" Oppera Internettikka Protection et Sécurité"
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The text "FearS" is also used in a performance with the
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during e-poetry 2007

28/10/2011 - 01/01/2012
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Sound : Rémy Bux. Production : l'Espace multimédia Gantner – Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort &
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