2.68MB De Weille, made with Soundmaps  
nice girl 3.77MB abrahams & deweille  
daccord 2.46MB abrahams & deweille  
fractal binaire 4.96MB De Weille, made with Soundmaps  
painsong Abrahams  
domestic dancing

with Olia Lialina playing the accordeon, sound from Jan de Weille and Annie Abrahams dancing.

janee 2.58MB abrahams & deweille (tribute to Joseph Beuys.)  
karaoke "Resurrection karaoke for the humiliated" or "Test to predict potential aggressive behavior" / "Karaoké de résurrection pour les humiliées" ou "Examen pour prévoir un comportement agressif potentiel"  
praagse lente 1.13MB De Weille, made with Deun ex Machina  
jumping motoneurones 2.33MB De Weille, from "Electrodes", music by electric fish  
Music from a square
De Weille, soundvideo made with Serf and Soundmaps
De Weille, video with sound made with Serf and Soundmaps and has been inspired by the Waterwheel project in Brisbane
abrahams & de weille

Annie Abrahams, artist, author of Being Human / Etant Humain. Low-tech mood mutators and interrogations on communication. Not immersive.

Jan de Weille, scientist, author of serf, xlplot, F2S, Soundmaps and Deun ex Machina software. Music : Best of Windows and Ex Machina.





Deun Ex Pagina, Tube generator, online!
1-2008 "générateur des tubes" sur panoplie.org

Get your kicks on the page where one of Soundmaps works is dissected into seperate tracks.


Why rock ?" a web show with soundwork from net artists with real or supposed rock affinities. Version spéciale française pour panoplie.org :"Pourquoi le rock"

release : "Yes", no. abrahams&deweille
Tom Tipunk records.
A 4 tracks EP with touches of the Beat Generation, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison and Le Gibus, something like a punk(rock)itude. 05-2005

F2S .exe can make sound out of all the files you have on your hard disk. pc only.