MailReality² "who's afraid of ? Life in a collective intelligence"
Reading of a theatre piece in two acts after a recent e-mail exchange between the members of the Lieudit * internet group.
The reading will be accompanied by a video projection of the LieuditTV ( thanks to Clément Charmet of
Lecture : Lucie Barron, Mathias Beyler, Clément Charmet, Vincent Dorp, Elisabeth Klimoff, Anne Menard and Maximilien Thiel.
Wednesday October 12 2005 _ 19H review
+++plus+++no3 bag

Soundmaps is composition ware that translates bitmaps to sound in realtime. The software will be presented by its author, Jan de Weille. After his presentation there will be time for the public to try the software.
Jan de Weille is a CNRS researcher in Biology.
In 2005 he released a cd "Best of Windows" made completely with Soundmaps.
Wednesday September 14 _ 19H video +++plus+++no1 cd

Voeux / Wishes
performance / reading with the public
Since 1999 on [ ] and since 2002 on [], Annie Abrahams collected wishes. All these wishes until now mute will be voiced during this session.
Wednesday September 28 _19H sound +++plus+++no2 pdf

Mathias Beyler and Nijinski
1 lecteur, 1 micro, 1 computer for the obsession
Wednesday October 26 _19H video +++plus+++no4 pdf

propositions of AnnieAbrahams** - provi&testi 2005 - monoquini, 5 rue Bayard - 34000 Montpellier, France.

° version française
* - collective french internet group 1997-1999 - members : Pierre Cuvelier, Nicolas Frespech, Antoine Moreau, Eric Maillet, Annie Abrahams, Jacques Perconte, J-P Halgand, Yann Le Guennec, Sylvie Bourguet, Karen Dermineur and Clément Thomas. 4 octobre 2014 festival Inton'action#4, "who’s afraid of ? La vie en intelligence collective– les archives - Hommage à Yann Le Guennec. – une pièce de théâtre en deux actes d’après un échange émail de 2005 entre les membres du groupe Lieudit.
** december 7, 2005 "puisque ma voix" vidéo, performance, internet, super8.
16-2-2007 till 25-5-2007 "Breaking Solitude" net performances.


version française