what are we?

when are we? where are we?

- verify if record is on
- put the timer on 15 min
- close your eyes
- try feeling the others presence, try provoking their presence, find out what is present, where we are ... we
- when timer goes off we open our eyes and just watch for a minute, then, whatever ....




we is what?







Related to a discussion initiated by Annie Abrahams in August 2015:
Would “empathy” be a word to describe what is needed
(put at stake) in networked webcam performances?

Distant Feeling(s) 17min35 Edited video available for projection, installation, exhibition.
Contact landv0dotproject@gmail.com or bramdotorg@gmail.com





Distant FeelingS #3

Thursday 24 Nov. 2016
6.30 pm London time, 19h30 Paris time.
Duration 15 min.

VisionS in the Nunnery Programme Launch
Curated by Tessa Garland and Cinzia Cremona
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ. )

Lisa Parra in New York, USA,
Daniel Pinheiro in Porto, Portugal
Annie Abrahams in Montpellier, France
will gather in an online séance trying to experience each other’s presence.

How does it feel to share an interface with eyes closed and no talking?

Anyone could participate in this digital mindfulness experiment.
Download the zoom.us application - desktop or other devices -
and “Join meeting” ID = 630407193 at the right time.

Recording of the session at the Nunnery. A telematic embrace?

It was about acknowledging that system, that fabric, the technological nervous system that became present through the silence of those participating.
Reactions by Daniel, Lisa, Annie, Randall Packer, Johannes Birringer, Nicolaas Schmidt and Ruth Catlow published on Landproject by Daniel Pinheiro.

I was waiting for silence to fall, after the chatter. when it occured, there was no embrace. but a faint sensation of sharing a silent small reprieve, over the constant noise and anger of the world, but an alonesilence as one could not see the others. it is the strangest experience, to be alonesilentblind with assumed others somewhere out there. Johannes Birringer

Like your work The Kiss, or Paul Sermon's telematic pieces, the sensation of intimacy is never "real," it is based on the willingness to believe and to allow closeness to become "real" despite separation. For those who participated in this experiment, it was exactly that: the willingness to suspend one's belief in the knowledge of the virtual proximity and connectiveness of the others. It is that knowledge that can can be convincing enough to suspend disbelief and thus be silently wrapped in the telematic embrace. This work is a great model for how we might conduct ourselves on the Internet. Randall Packer

hanging out with friends... Nicolaas Schmidt

liminal space – pure motion – an intimate regard – a field of light – dissolved, destabilized – an altered state – a telematic embrace – a silent small reprieve – hanging out with friends – machines conversing across the network only when the noisy humans finally shut up - an organic acceptance of silence? More reflexions 2017.

Distant Feeling(s) #1 - raw

Daniel Pinheiro in Porto, Annie Abrahams in Montpellier and Lisa Parra in New York spend 15 min of distanced feeling together. 4 March 2016.
Experience the others presence online with eyes closed. (no talking)


Meeting Lisa and Daniel.
Yes we met. In space. Where? In my body maybe?
I was trying to much. Maybe. Why did I look more up than down? Was there, where we were, more up in the sky than here down? I was imagining I might be able to provoke an action, a telematic coordination of movement. It didn't happen. Slowly I went from the outside to the inside. I was with them on the floor of Lisa's dance studio. I could feel them. Bullshit of course. There was nothing to say when we opened our eyes.
I would like to do it again, I would like to see what would happen a second time.
Was Lisa crying near the end?

“I did cry.
I too was imaging myself lying on the floor. it was an inner journey of images, desires, dreams, feelings of sadness and happiness
it was special, it was a special moment in time.” - Lisa Parra

“It made me think of meeting strangers inside an elevator that gets stucked. Where my mind traveled many places trying to understand where was I in relation to these other two persons. Were they there still?! The urge to open my eyes was suddenly erased by the warmth of the sun in my face… here… and back to them … there.

it constantly made me feel that I was there because they were also there, suddenly instead of facing them it was about these three silent bodies “looking” at something else. 

the intimate space of silence is awkward. the absence of time and space is endless and infinite” - Daniel Pinheiro


Distant Feeling(s) #2

Lisa Parra in Los Angeles USA
Daniel Pinheiro in Lisabon Portugal
Annie Abrahams in Montpellier France
gathered again in an online séance to try to experience each other’s presence with closed eyes.
Duration 30 min. + discussion afterwards.

The encounter was livestreamed directly to reSense #1
reSense [movement, performance, technology, art] Festival
curated by Byrke Lou and Marcello Lussana
26 of July 2016 21h45
SPEKTRUM - art science community
Bürknerstraße 1
12047 Berlin
Thanks to Olivia Jack (artist and webrtc developer)

When meeting online we face a lack of references that usually define the perception of ‘being’ somewhere at a given time. This object aims at discussing, within the possibilities of networked performance, the mediation itself by removing the fundamental sense that allows connectedness to happen. In a mainly visual rationalized culture we question the following: what are we then left with?

With a sense of proximity ? Intentions of provoking a telematic coordination of movements diluted into a journey of each individual approach on experiencing a shared moment in time? What time?

distant feeling(s) #2
More images on flickr.
Video of the séance on youtube

We felt lonely, not connected, we became unsettled, I started talking - we have to do it again, we have to try again.
"The audience, present at Spektrum wondered about a score, a set of interconnected predetermined actions when, in fact, while unaware of them (of who, how many they were) we acknowledged their presence while "searching" for eachother. In&out of the rules, "doing" in order to be active, waiting for the right amount of time that would signal this shared moment, we were left (maybe) individually transitioning between our locations and the venue with the audience more than just with ourselves together."
- Daniel Pinheiro.

"My experience in this performance was not one of nervousness or feeling lost like you both felt. Rather, I felt very present and connected to you both and to those watching-- I felt/heard your nervousness and unsettling movements, which for me was like trying to solve a problem. The problem being the chaos, and settling in with that." -
Lisa Parra.


online séances
After collaborating with Lisa and Daniel in their LAND PROJECT: Placelessness (October, 2015) we decided to continue to experiment "distanced feeling" all three together in a new project called Distant Feeling(s).