Booth (500 x 100 x 140 cm) with 5 netart pieces: "Rassur" 1999-2007, "Separation" 2002, "Don't touch me" 2003, "d'accord" 2006, "news series" "tout va bien" version 2007.










"Tout va bien"


Solo exhibition of Annie Abrahams, gallery ESCA, Milhaud, France.
From November 23 till December 16, 2007.
Press release (13 pages) here (in french)
Photos : M&LS / Artelinea, ESCA and Annie Abrahams.

Poster "Manif" 100 x 250 cm. 2007, "I don't want to be a nice girl" Video. 5.30 min. 2005 – 2007

"Tout va bien" Journal 2007 SolitudeS, Wishes/Vœux and PeurS/FearS

" ViolenceS", 2007 projection of .exe

2013 Videos online Today I like pigs

"Cochon les cochons", wich means something like "dirty pigs", 4 video, a text and 80 pigs facemasks, 2007. The text has been read during a performance and was available on paper for the exhibition visitors.

"L'un la poupée de l'autre", "One the puppet of the other" Video with Nicolas Frespech. 26 min.
"Tourner en rond", "Turnturnturn" 1.45min in a loop. Video animation. Photos by Enna Chaton.

"Everything's fine", performance web by POUN aka Guérine Regnaut. Listen to and see her performance at POUN's site.

Presentation web of "pas pour toi" by Ava Carrère.

Web performances with technical assistance of Clément Charmet (




"Si j'étais blanche" performance web by Véronique Hubert assisted by Pascal Lièvre and Rodolphe Cintorino.